IGS CNG Partners

Our Partners

Our success is directly related to our growing network of outstanding partners.

IGS CNG Services partners with many organizations and businesses to make CNG fueling a viable option for America’s fleets. By forming these strategic partnerships, we are giving our customers a competitive advantage through an affordable, clean, and domestic alternative transportation fuel.

City Of Dayton

“Project completion was performed within the proposed schedule—the reliability of the CNG station has been outstanding.”
-Frederick M. Stovall, Director
Department of Public Works, Dayton, OH.

IGS CNG Services and the City of Dayton have collaborated on a station convenient to city vehicles. As a part of the DRG3 initiative, the City of Dayton is incorporating sustainability—like with this partnership in CNG station development—with community investments such as improving walkability and bikability and supporting the growth of green industry and technology.

Englefield Oil

“We believe this offering will attract new customers and please existing customers who are exploring the option of fueling with compressed natural gas. We’re very happy to be in a partnership with IGS. In addition, we hope to offer this fuel alternative at our other Duchess locations around the state of Ohio in the future.” -Bill Englefield, President, Englefield Oil Company

IGS CNG Services and Englefield Oil collaborated on a station in Columbus, Ohio. Englefield Oil Company is family-owned and operated, and based in Heath, Ohio. With over 1,500 employees, Englefield Oil Company lives by the vision, “Total dedication to customers, employees, family, and community.”

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