Compressed Natural Gas – A Smarter Way to Fuel

Compressed Natural Gas (or, CNG) is one of the best ways you can reduce fuel costs in your business fleet or commercial vehicle. An abundant natural resource—right under American soil—means this fuel can cut the ties that our country has with foreign oil.

Beyond that, CNG has been proven to be safer, better for the environment, and cheaper than traditional fuels (like gasoline and diesel). And, when your fleet is traveling thousands of miles a year, that can add up to massive results.

The savings can start with a percentage conversion. Like diversifying your investments on Wall Street, you convert just a portion of your fleet over to accept CNG as a fuel source. Or purchase a few natural gas vehicles (NGVs) to get started. Once you see the kind of control you can experience with your fuel costs, you might even invest in adding a pump to your facility, or converting the remainder of your fleet.

More and more businesses are converting their fleet vehicles to CNG. And IGS CNG Services is here to help. We have created a fueling corridor through West Virginia to supply CNG for NGV fleets and have more than 9 fueling stations throughout West Virginia, Ohio, and Illinois areas—with plans for even more in 2016.

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IGS_CNG Infographic_Revised_6.5.15