CNG Products & Services

Discover a smarter way to fuel your fleet.

Commercial vehicles around the world are saving as much as 30-50%* on their fuel costs by choosing Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). It’s easier than you think to convert your fleet and use a cleaner, more reliable domestic fuel.
* Savings varies based on annual usage.

We offer a complete line of products and services for your current CNG fleet, or we can help simplify your conversion to CNG.

CNG Consulting Services

Along with our commitment to building infrastructure, IGS CNG Services is also investing in individual businesses through our fleet-consulting services. We can assess the needs of any size fleet and, with our industry expertise, offer the following:

  • Feasibility Study – We can quickly evaluate your business needs for a viable CNG solution.
  • Build Stations – From design to operational, we make CNG stations a reality.
  • Financing/Funding – We will work with you to customize a mutually-beneficial financial arrangement.
  • Sourcing Vendors/Equipment – We will utilize our resources and partners to offer solutions that best fit your needs.
  • Operate & Maintain – We provide ongoing operations and maintenance of new or existing stations.
  • Adaptable Fueling®– We can deliver CNG to fuel your operations wherever you are.

Method of conversion

Investing in your fleet is an important decision, but it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Many of our fleet partners diversify their fleet by making a partial conversion. This requires less upfront investment, but managers can still reap the benefit of a stable fuel price. Even just converting 10% of your fleet may make a significant difference in your fuel costs over the course of a year.

Station Options

If your fleet follows the same route, or returns to a central hub at the end of every day, you might want to consider your options. At IGS CNG Services, we have the capital ready to install CNG stations along your route to ensure that your CNG fleet will never run on empty. Or, to have even more control over your fuel costs, consider installing CNG on-site. This option allows you to manage one of the most variable expenses in your business with ease.

IGS CNG Services + Renergy

Matching Business Values

Renergy is a family-owned company that deals with organic waste repurposing. Anaerobic digesters combined with a tremendous amount of waste provides Renergy with heat, electricity, fertilizer, and fuel. To complement the sustainability of their processes, Renergy sought to add CNG to their own fleet. After researching companies with a like-minded approach to sustainable business practices, the Ringler family reached out to IGS CNG Services. As Mike Oberfield, COO for Renergy says, “It became immediately clear in our initial discussions with IGS that we were closely aligned in our approach to business, commitment to the community, and strong belief in developing alternative energy resources.”

Good Relationships, Better CNG

Not only did IGS CNG Services align well with Renergy’s business values, but we were also able to bring design and engineering to the table. IGS CNG Services engineered the station’s compressor to utilize the same 3-point filtration process as our other stations to ensure the station in Marengo, Ohio would be producing the cleanest CNG around. IGS CNG Services also oversaw the station’s construction and equipment installation.

Stress-free Sustainability

IGS CNG Services currently owns and operates the unmanned CNG station, allowing Renergy to focus on their core business. Alex Ringler, CEO of Renergy can’t be more pleased with the results: “IGS proved to be an excellent engineering and construction partner on the project and delivered the station on schedule and on budget.”

What Are You Waiting For?

Compressed Natural Gas is nothing new. In fact, the rest of the world has been riding on natural gas for over 50 years. America has an over 100 year supply of natural gas and this clean and abundant option is making sense for many fleet owners across the country. With developments in technology, improvements in infrastructure, and buy-in from the larger fleets across the country, it’s time to take a look at CNG for your fleet.

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