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Commercial vehicles around the world are saving as much as 30-50% on their fuel costs by choosing Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). It’s easier than you think to convert your fleet and use a cleaner, more reliable domestic fuel.

IGS CNG Services is a turn-key owner and operator of compressed natural gas stations. Because our affiliate, IGS Energy, is a direct supplier of natural gas, we can deliver a long-term, cost-efficient fueling solution. Our comprehensive approach to CNG means we construct, own, operate, and maintain fueling stations, as well as supply the gas and even transport the gas to you wherever your operations may be.

At IGS CNG Services, we believe so strongly in this alternative fuel that we use our own capital to fund CNG initiatives. From large-scale, public access to behind-the-fence commercial sites, we’re focused on providing a stable, clean, and domestic fueling solution that best fits your needs.

Learn more about this abundant fuel source and how it can improve your fleet’s efficiency, your business’s sustainability, and your bottom line.

About CNG Fuel

Driving energy independence.

See how IGS CNG Services is driving energy independence and giving companies a competitive advantage by reducing their fuel costs.

Video Transcript


So, you’ve got a fleet of vehicles. Well, if you’re like the majority of the ten million fleet vehicles on America’s roads right now, yours burns diesel fuel or gasoline, right?

Here’s the thing there’s a smart few who’ve chosen a road less traveled a cleaner cheaper road. Compressed Natural Gas. Why CNG?

Well for starters, it’s affordable. According to the US Department of energy, CNG is significantly cheaper than gasoline, diesel, and propane when compared as a gasoline gallon equivalent and offers a much more stable price.

In fact a fleet have just five class 8 trucks powered by CNG can save one hundred thousand dollars or more a year in fuel costs.

Secondly, Compressed Natural Gas is sourced right here in America reducing our dependence on foreign oil. In fact we have over a 100-year supply right under our feet right now.

Third, it’s clean. CNG powered vehicles emit seventy-five percent less carbon monoxide and ninety percent less particulate matter than gas or diesel fuel vehicles. So CNG has a clear direct positive impact on the planet’s air quality and who wouldn’t want fresher cleaner air, right?

Affordable, domestic, clean. When you think about it CNG is pretty much a win-win-win…win.

Expand your horizons with Compressed Natural Gas.

Driving energy independence.

For over 25 years, IGS has been changing the way consumers manage their energy costs. We have an expert team ready to answer questions and assist you with your CNG interests.

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The Era of Innovation

IGS was founded in 1989 on the principles of innovation and integrity. We have been a direct supplier of natural gas for over 25 years. As CNG began to be adopted by American fleets as a viable vehicle fuel, we knew the next innovation had arrived. With 12 new stations installed in just three years, it is clear that we are passionate—and capable—to drive energy independence across the U.S.