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Discover a smarter way to fuel your fleet.

Commercial vehicles around the world are saving as much as 30-50% on their fuel costs by choosing Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). It’s easier than you think to convert your fleet and use a cleaner, more reliable domestic fuel.

IGS CNG Services is building retail fast fill stations to support the growing demand for CNG-fueled vehicles. From large scale, open-access to on-site commercial pumps, we’re providing an affordable, clean and domestic fueling solution.

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Driving energy independence.

See how IGS CNG Services is driving energy independence and giving companies a competitive advantage by reducing their fuel costs.

Video Transcript


So, you’ve got a fleet of vehicles. Well, if you’re like the majority of the ten million fleet vehicles on America’s roads right now, yours burns diesel fuel or gasoline, right?

Here’s the thing there’s a smart few who’ve chosen a road less traveled a cleaner cheaper road. Compressed Natural Gas. Why CNG?

Well for starters, it’s affordable. According to the US Department of energy, CNG is significantly cheaper than gasoline, diesel, and propane when compared as a gasoline gallon equivalent and offers a much more stable price.

In fact a fleet have just five class 8 trucks powered by CNG can save one hundred thousand dollars or more a year in fuel costs.

Secondly, Compressed Natural Gas is sourced right here in America reducing our dependence on foreign oil. In fact we have over a 100-year supply right under our feet right now.

Third, it’s clean. CNG powered vehicles emit seventy-five percent less carbon monoxide and ninety percent less particulate matter than gas or diesel fuel vehicles. So CNG has a clear direct positive impact on the planet’s air quality and who wouldn’t want fresher cleaner air, right?

Affordable, domestic, clean. When you think about it CNG is pretty much a win-win-win…win.

Expand your horizons with Compressed Natural Gas.

Driving energy independence.

AFFORDABLE | A clean, reliable solution to rising gasoline costs.

Companies that convert their fleets to CNG reduce their fuel costs by as much as 50%, while reducing emissions and breaking away from foreign-oil dependence. We think of it as a win-win-win.


The amount business and consumers can typically expect to save when using CNG versus gasoline or diesel

Source: US Dept. of Energy. 4/14/2014

CLEAN | Breathe easier. Compressed Natural Gas is a clean-burning alternative to traditional fuels.

Vehicles that run on CNG have dramatically lower greenhouse gas emissions. Compared with petroleum-based fuels, CNG emits 30% less carbon dioxide, 75% less carbon monoxide, and 90% less particulate matter. It’s an economical solution for greening your fleet and meeting EPA standards.

Natural gas vehicles improve air quality through dramatic reductions in emissions:

30% reduction in carbon dioxide
75% reduction in
carbon monoxide
50% reduction in nitrogen oxide
90% reduction of particulate matter
Source: TIAX Report – Full Fuel Cycle Assessment: Well-to-Wheels Energy Inputs, Emissions, and Water Impacts, 08/07 (Prepared for California Energy Commission).

DOMESTIC | We’re driving domestic fuel production.

Natural gas is an abundant natural resource right here in the U.S. The country has a 100+ year supply of natural gas, so when you convert to CNG you are helping to increase our energy independence and drive job growth right here at home.

57% of all oil consumed in the U.S. is imported
70% of all oil consumed in the U.S. is used for transportation
Source: Energy Information Administration (EIA) 01/27/2014

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CNG is fast becoming a viable alternative to traditional fuels — whether you drive a compact car or a fleet of semis. Our fuel experts can make your transition straight-forward and cost-effective.

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